ISV Series Trunnion Mounted

ISV Series BT3B

Catalog download: ISV BT3B SB210.7_web

2 Piece, bolted body mounted Trunnion Ball Valve, double block & bleed design, solid ball construction, emergency sealant injection system options.

Design Standards:      API 6D and API 608

Sizes:                                      2″-12″
Pressure Range:              Class 150-1500
Port:                                       Full Port or Reduced Port
Body Materials:               Cast C.S., Low Temp C.S. or S.S.
Trim Materials:              C.S. + ENP, Stainless Steel
Seat/Seal Materials:     PTFE, Devlon / HNBR, Buna
End Configurations:     Flanged ends
Locking Device:              Standard with gear
Actuator Pad:                   ISO-standard
Optional Features:       External coatings, actuator
Pressure Test:                  API 6D
Conformance Standards:   API 607 fire safe, ASME B16.5,
B16.10, B16.34, NACE compliant

ISV Series BT3EU, BT3GU, BT3E & BT3G

Catalog download: ISV TRUNNION CAT 2021 Version SB602.1d

3 piece design, forged bolted or welded body Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve, double block & bleed design, emergency sealant injections system, solid ball construction.


Design Standards: API 6D

Sizes: 2″- 42″

Pressure Range: Class 150-2500

Port: Full Port or Reduced Port

Body Materials: Forged Carbon Steel, Low Temp C.S. or Stainless Steel

Trim Materials: C.S. + ENP, SS or Metal-to-Metal

Seat/Seal Material: PTFE, Nylon, Devlon, PEEK / Buna, Viton or HNBR

End Configurations: Flanged, Weld ends

Locking Device: Standard

Actuator Pad: ISO- standard

Optional Features: Buried service extensions, external coatings, actuator

Pressure Test: API 6D

Conformance Standards: API 6D, API 607 fire safe, ASME B16.5, B16.10, B16.25, B16.34, NACE & API 641compliant.